Everyone wants to look good for pictures. For some this means getting a hair cut or fussing over make-up. But the one thing that stands out in family portraits is your style. We have all seen those horrible throw back pictures where everyone in the family is wearing the same outfit or those lovely fashion trends that may sound like a good idea at the time…until you look at them 10-15 years down the road and ask :what was I thinking?” For reference, check out this picture and this one.

With that being said, when done tastefully you can have a stylish family portrait and still be a little trendy. My perfect example is Mindy and her daughters.

Stylish family portraits Jolene Leu Photography-2-2 Aren’t they beautiful!

When Mindy contacted me for this portrait session it was her idea to have these lovely vibrant shades of pink. The jackets were added later to keep everyone warm and give us some different looks in different poses.

stylish family portraits  Jolene Leu Photography-15
Reeves family Jolene Leu Photography-6 What you may not be able to see in these photos is that all three stylish ladies are wearing the same cowboy boots too. Is this trendy? Yes, but it was done in such a way that it wasn’t blatantly obvious.  You don’t have to all wear the same clothes or color combinations to make your family portrait stylish, just a similar pop of color or colors that compliment each other works wonders! Mindy and the girl’s style is very sweet. I think these looks give each one of them a personality while making them look like part of the family.

Reeves family Jolene Leu Photography-7-2

Reeves family Jolene Leu Photography-8-2 Reeves family Jolene Leu Photography-5-2

For example, Mindy’s oldest daughter is smart and pretty. She will be heading to high school in the fall and is already looking so grown up. In her beautiful but subtle make up and hot pink dress she looks like a young lady already!









Reeves family Jolene Leu Photography-11-2

Mindy’s younger daughter is sweet and sassy. Although the baby of the family, she is heading to middle school next year. It’s bitter sweet because she will only stay this little for a short time longer but I am glad I was able to capture this time in their lives.





















Stylish family portrait Jolene Leu Photography-4-2


And sometimes it’s ok to embrace a trend. For example, the now popular selfie stick. If you don’t know what a selfie stick is, you can see it here on Amazon. After taking this epic picture at Mindy’s brother’s wedding…Bixby wedding Nov 8 2014 (198 of 237)





I had an idea to ask them to bring their’s and this came out of it!

selfie stick family portrait Jolene Leu Photography-13

Selfie stick family portrait Jolene Leu Photography-12


So when planning your look for your family portrait, make sure you don’t over do it. Subtle style, variations of the same idea, and complimenting colors will make your family portrait look fantastic!