Dear Rainbow Baby,

Hello sweet heart, we are so excited that you are on your way! Mommy, daddy and your brother Riley are anxiously awaiting your arrival. I first took pictures of your family about a year ago, although these will need updated when you get here!

You see, we call you a rainbow baby because it was a little over a year ago that your mommy¬†said goodbye to an angel baby. It was very hard because Mommy and daddy had been trying for 2 and a 1/2 years to grow the family. But after the storm comes a rainbow…you! Mommy found out that she was pregnant with you in August!

Mommy and daddy wanted to have a fun and unique way to announce to their family and friends whether they were having a baby boy or girl, so they came up with this fun little plan. This is what happened!

rainbow baby reveal

Ta da Rainbow baby is a girl!!!

Rainbow baby reveal, Jolene Leu Photography, smoke bomb reveal

Mommy, daddy, and Big Brother Riley will get to meet you, rainbow baby Roselyn very soon!

Rainbow baby reveal, Jolene Leu Photography

I can’t wait to update your family pictures!