engagement_shoot_Skinners_Butte_Eugene_Oregon (19 of 25) I took this picture 2 years ago as part of Rachel and Austin’s engagement shoot. Issak was so little and we were on top of Skinner’s Butte.

In August,  Rachel and Austin got married at Lamb Cottage at the bottom of Skinner’s Butte. I highly recommend Lamb Cottage by the way. It’s a cute little house between the Campbell Center and The River Play playground structure. Rachel and Austin set up their ceremony space outside facing the Willamette River.

Skinner's Butter park, Eugene Oregon, Willamette River, Lamb Cottage, Jolene Leu Photography

rutledge-2909 Introducing Mr and Mrs Rutledge!rutledge-2981 The held their reception inside Lamb Cottage. The sunflowers and burlap went well with the cottage’s early 1900’s features.


Yummy Sparkling cider!



rutledge-3142 rutledge-3151 rutledge-2970 Skinner's Butte, Eugene Oregon, River path,  Skinner's Butte, River path, Eugene Oregon,  Skinner's Butte, Lamb Cottage, Eugene Oregon, Jolene Leu photography2 years later, Isaak is so big! He will be a great big brother! Baby girl is due soon!!

Congratulations Rachel and Austin! rutledge-3240