Morgan and Josh’s wedding took place at the Albany Events Center in Albany Oregon. Wait, I am getting ahead of myself….Albany Events Center the Kolling wedding-1967 I actually met Morgan almost 8 years ago when we both worked at a call center in Eugene.Morgan is such a sweet person and her personality lights up the room. Even through difficult times she didn’t seem to let things get her down. Morgan met Josh around the same time. Josh’s playful energy is the perfect match to Morgan’s energy! They compliment each other so well!

As my photography business grew, they took chances on me. First allowing me to photograph their daughter’s first birthday, and then trusting me to take their family pictures in a furniture store of all places! (Lol, don’t judge! If you are ever in Lebanon Oregon, visit Hometown Furniture Center . The store decorates seasonally as well as has antiques on display year round.) So when Morgan announced she was marrying Josh I was hoping they would ask me to be a part of their wedding!

the Kolling wedding-2368 Just look at this family! Who wouldn’t want to help them celebrate this special occasion!?!

On a beautiful day in early September at the Albany Golf and Events Center (details on the location and other parts of the wedding in the next blog.)

the Kolling wedding-2380 the Kolling wedding-2167

the Kolling wedding-2021-2_edited-1 Check out her gorgeous train ! the Kolling wedding-2045-2_edited-1 the Kolling wedding-2144edit_edited-1 the Kolling wedding-2145bw_edited-1 Josh really wanted a nice suit. He’s a big fan of How I Met Your Mother and of course any fan knows…wait for it!…. nothing suits you like a suit!

Albany Events Center the Kolling wedding-2399 Albany Events Center the Kolling wedding-2424 Albany Events Center the Kolling wedding-2443 I am still so honored that they let me be part of their special wedding day. It was beautiful and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!Albany Events Center the Kolling wedding-2419