Meet the Rink Family,

Rink family-Jolene Leu Photography I first met this sweet family while I was shooting the wedding in Walterville. Amy approached me and started asking about my services. Not long after we had two shoots lined up in time for Christmas! Originally the plan was to have all the family members together. Amy, her husband, her little man, and their two adorable dogs! The dogs had other plans though LOL. We ended up having an adorable family shoot at Dorris Ranch just as the sun was setting. (My favorite light to shoot in!)

Rink family pictures Jolene Leu Photography Rink family pictures (6 of 137)(See what I mean by the light? So beautiful)

Honestly the Rink family is just awesome to hang out with. They love to play around and are very sweet. The Mr. Rink is full of energy and handsome to boot!

Rink family pictures (36 of 137) Rink family pictures (2 of 137) After a couple more poses and a leaf fight 🙂 we agreed to meet a week or so later at their home in Fern Ridge where the dogs would be more at ease.

Rink family-5229 edit_edited-1  The sweet goofy one is their youngest, silly and spirited. The sweet one on next to Amy is their older fur baby. How cute is she though?

Rink family (1 of 90) It is said that “no one on earth will love you more, be more patient with your moods, or keep your secrets better than your dog.” This family proves that, that is true.

Rink family (3 of 90)