Just Jo

Hi I am Jolene. You can call me Jo, a lot of people do. Some people call me momma, mommy, or Aunt Jo. My husband calls me Boo, but really Jo is fine! What do you want to know? If you are trying to figure out the photography side of me please check the “what inspires you” post. But if you want to know about the person behind the camera feel free to read on here…

Wow, really? You want to read about me? Thanks! Ok, so basics…I am a thirty something proud mom and auntie. I just spent the last 4 years of my life juggling my family, being a home care giver for my mom, getting 3 degrees (2 associates and a bachelors) in business, and following my dream of being a photographer. I have been described the girl next door quite a bit: A little quiet, a little nerdy, and can be whole lot of fun.

My favorite things:

  • My family
  • Road trips, the occasional easy hike, and geocaching
  • Dutch Bros!
  • All kinds of music, something from every genre but especially CCR, Pink, Garth Brooks, & Melissa Ethridge.
  • My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz but I love movie quotes too much to just choose one favorite.
  • Funny Science Fiction shows! I will admit this love is new found as I have been introduced to many of these by my husband and many of my friends… I like Doctor who and anything by Joss Whedon!
Thank you Rachel of Sunshine Photography!

Thank you Rachel of Sunshine Photography!

What Inspires You?

There is more to photography than taking pictures. For me, I see things that are beautiful or interesting and am inspired to pick up the camera and take a picture. I am inspired to capture memories!

I can’t wait to share the pictures, like a little kid who just finished coloring a page.  I am one of those who were snap-happy kids who were allowed to use a camera and ran with it. I used a 110 camera on my first trip to Disneyland when I was 11, I took photography classes in high school with my grandma’s 35mm film camera, and after I started having kids I took pictures constantly. Family members asked if I would take pictures for them and from there I started to take the leap into the photography business. I love continuing to learn about what I can do with my camera and am constantly learning and being inspired. I am inspired by many things: wildflowers in the spring, blackberries in the summer, the way the sky changes colors at sunrise and sunset, a little kids giggle or a couple so in love that you can see it… what inspires you?