Catching up time! I realized today that I am WAY BEHIND on blog posts! The summer is coming up and once again I am looking at being pretty busy but I am going to start devoting more time to these blog posts as well. My last post About the Rink Family may have been published in April but was taken in December! I am not one to make excuses so without further ado….how about a little catching up!

First off meet Hannah!

Blog board Hannah Hannah is a beautiful young girl who just this week finished her first year of high school. She’s full of energy, loves anime, and sang in the choir! Hannah did wonderful at our photo shoot and I look forward to working with her again really soon!


Around Valentines day, Austin contacted me for pictures to give to his fiance of him and their son. I took Austin and his fiance Rachel’s engagement pictures in July 2014. It was great catching up with them!

BlogBoard North Eugene

Next meet Carsen.

BlogBoard Carsen

Carsen made the decision to work hard and finish high school in his junior year! He graduated last week!

I had a few maternity shoots this year, one of which was Christy and Brandon. They had little Jaxson in April!

BlogBoard-expecting Jaxson

Maternity shoots, seniors, weddings, families…I love them all! And here it is the middle of June! Where did the year go? With these last little bit of photos I am now officially …caught up.

Catching up with Jolene Leu Photography