Day 3-8927

Yep, that sums up Day 3. Emotional.

First is was really cool to see Joanie and her baby. Joanie was the bride from last year’s boulder shoot….found on my old blog over here. It is after all good to look at how far one has come.  Meeting her little one was a treat and I was happy to take a few snaps of the adorable little man. Day 3-8925-2

Day 3-8956

Dayna was our other model for the day, and she was gorgeous! I was really intrigued by her tattoos!

Day 3-8980

But when you are emotional, some times your mood effects your creativity. I was feeling a bit more edgy and a little conflicted so I directed Dayna to have a little more emotion then a pretty smile. Even though the direction I gave her was a little dark and cold she was able to convey it like a professional model. She nailed the look I was going for! (Thanks again Dayna if you are reading this!)

Day 3-8997

Day 3-9002


As a group, the rest of the conference members thought long and hard about our “why”, the reason why we do photography. We all shared very personal stories about what got us into photography or why we continued to do photography. You see there is a reason why my website resembles a scrapbook. (Grab your tissue, this is a bit emotional)

I was raised by my grandma. My mom is disabled and my dad wasn’t in the picture, so it was her that took care of me and taught me all her morals and beliefs. So when I was a teenager, she was the one I would rebel against. She had a huge project she wanted to tackle, putting 4 generations of pictures into albums. These pictures dated back to the early 1900s and ranged up to the most recent images she had. It was 1998. A really emotional year for me anyway, but that is an entirely different story. I was 17, wanted to spend time with my friends and boyfriend, was allowed to drive anywhere I wanted to as long as I paid for gas and checked in, so any chance I got I left the house. Grandma kept asking if I would help her with the album project but I kept putting it off. Her birthday was coming up and I was heading out to the store to go get her a birthday present when she asked me where I was going. I didn’t tell her, I got defensive and told her that I was just going to the store and she didn’t need to worry about it. We got in a small fight about it but I ended up going to the store anyway. A little bit after I had returned from buying her some silly birthday presents …she was gone.

Sparing you anymore heart wrenching details, this is why I think photos are important. They are more then just a snapshot in time: they are some ones memories, your family traditions and legacy, what you leave behind… 🙁

  • grrr I hope I didn’t depress you too much. I will finish day 3 on a different post. Thanks! blog end