Burlap, mason jars, chandeliers and a classic truck…all make for a beautiful and fun antique wedding. Kristan and Jeremy, along with family, planned this sweet late July wedding set at Cloverdale Chapel and Meeting House in Creswell Oregon.

Kristan’s sisters made wedding decorations, the guys set up the back yard of the chapel. The family’s hard work made the wedding both beautiful and fun!

Kristan and Jeremy have been together for 4 years. We had fun at their engagement shoot last October. My favorite thing about this couple is that they love to have fun and their giggles are infectious!

bockrath-wedding-0935 bockrath-wedding-0973 bockrath-wedding-1001 bockrath-wedding-1012 bockrath-wedding-1023 bockrath-wedding-1051 bockrath-wedding-1062 bockrath-wedding-1066-2 bockrath-wedding-1158 bockrath-wedding-1165 bockrath-wedding-1176 Cloverdale Chapel bockrath-wedding-1234 bockrath-wedding-1265 ^Once again! Toasts are my favorite part of the wedding! This is Kristan’s twin sister Myranda. During her toasts, she confessed that she wasn’t sure about Jeremy at first. She was worried that he would steal her best friend away. Instead, she gained another best friend <3 cloverdale chapel bockrath-wedding-1298 bockrath-wedding-1476 bockrath-wedding-1843 They celebrated and danced all evening until the sun went down. The light from this beautiful antique chandelier and several lines of tiny white lights was the icing on the cake. To end the night, Kristan and Jeremy drove off in the families rat rod truck passed their friends and family holding sparklers. bockrath-wedding-2129 bockrath-wedding-2137 For prices and availability, please feel free to shoot me an email or message me on Facebook.