There is nothing like a drive in the country, especially in the spring time. Here in the northwest, spring in the country brings the new grass seed crops and beautiful wild flowers.When Jesse told me his family lived outside of Monroe I jumped at the possibility of shooting their engagement shoot in Bellfountain.

K_and_J_engagement_shoot_Bellfountain_Oregon_JoleneLeuPhotography (13-1 of 64)We ended up shooting at Bellfountain park, surrounded by beautiful old growth trees and wildflowers. As you can see the sun was just starting to set but cast beautiful beams of light through the trees…But enough about BellFountain, let me tell you about Karee and Jesse.

K_and_J_engagement_shoot_Bellfountain_park_JoleneLeuPhotography (38 of 64)Here is a picture of Karee, Jesse, and Jesse’s truck known as “Big Red.” Karee and Jesse’s love story started over a text message and grew from there. The story goes that Karee’s sister’s fiance (now Karee’s brother in law) knew that the two had hit it off so he stole Karee’s phone to text Jesse to get them to start talking to each other. I know people get tired of hearing themselves described as cute, but really this couple is just too cute for words! Everything from their story of both being shy and Karee hiding behind her jacket during their first “date” to the nose poke Jesse does…it’s all just CUTE!

K_and_J_engagement_shoot_Bellfountain_church_JoleneLeuPhotography (63 of 64)This engagement shoot was actually done at the end of March, I was honored to photograph their wedding last weekend here in Eugene, Oregon. (Be on the look out for posts about their wedding starting next week. ) Originally they had thought about having the wedding at the beautiful chapel in Bellfountain, but ultimately decided to get married closer to town in Eugene.
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K_and_J_engagement_shoot_Bellfountain_Oregon_JoleneLeuPhotography (7 of 64)

K_and_J_engagement_shoot_Bellfountain_Oregon_JoleneLeuPhotography (8 of 64)

This engagement shoot was well worth the drive in the country. I love being out in this type of setting and working with people that are so sweet and so much in love!

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Keep an eye out, I will add a link to this blog for their wedding blog post.

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