In the blog post before this, I told you about Morgan and Josh’s wedding at the Albany Event Center. Here are all the fun wedding details.

Albany Golf and Events Center is a sweet little golf course North East of Downtown Albany Oregon. Also known as the Spring Hill Golf Club, this venue has a lot to offer. The grounds are beautiful and very well kept, with flowers still vibrant and thriving into the beginning of fall.

Albany Events Center Jolene Leu Photography

albany events center-1879

When you walk inside the clubhouse, the first thing you notice is the dramatic floor to ceiling windows across the lobby. Morgan wanted to do some of her formal photos in front of these windows. During the reception, the event center staff moved the bridal party tables in front of the windows-facing the dance floor.

albany events center-1925

Notice that table there by the banister? That is where the cake table was!

albany events center wedding details-2211PS, I think cupcakes are a great option for weddings because then your guests can just grab one instead of waiting for someone to cut the cake. That also gives your guests the option to have some cake before you officially cut the cake, in case they need to leave early.

Another sweet wedding detail or trend lately has been the sweets table. A sweets table has been used in place of giving your guests wedding favors.  Wedding favors are adorable and sentimental, but can be a big budget drainer. Sometimes guests choose to not take a wedding favor at all, claiming they will let someone else have theirs. This sometimes means you will have several wedding favors left over. While the sweets table, even the pickiest person will grab a handful of goodies, even on the run.

albany events center-1961

I would like to give a special thank you to the staff at the Albany Golf and Event Center. The event coordinators especially were able to keep the day moving smoothly and help my clients with what ever was needed, including finding me a large ladder to take a group shot after the ceremony! The Event center staff was very fast and efficient at setting up everything, clearing and moving things as needed, and helping with any other details needed. Here is a look at their table set up.

albany event center2106

The outdoor ceremony site is off of the 18th hole of the golf course.

albany events center-2248

albany events center-2315

If you are looking for a detail oriented wedding venue, check out the Albany Golf and Event Center. They have so many things available to you (chairs, tables, plates, flatware, vases, etc) that you do not have to buy or rent separately, a staff to help the day move smoothly and do the work for you so you can enjoy your day, and a gorgeous location as well. It really is the total package. For more information check out their website.

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